How do I set up my pop up bag?


It’s easy! The process takes just four steps:

  1. Remove it from the package and lay it flat on the ground.
  2. Insert the printed arm of the support brackets into the sleeves on the containment basin (x6).
  3. Fold the other arm of the support brackets to the underside of the containment basin.
  4. Once all 6 support brackets have been folded into the upright position, the containment basin is ready for use.

*** Make sure the ground is free of sharp objects prior to setup to avoid punctures.

How do I move it around the site?


Place it on a standard pallet and use a lift only if there are no liquids present. Never move material that is not fully dry.

How are the units packaged?


They are vacuum-sealed and ultra compact, similar in size to a laptop. That means you can place them on facility walls, in backpacks or in vehicles for quick access.

Yes, the self-shedding rain cover instantly opens and attaches to the basin with plastic buckle clips. Covers are sold separately and are size-specific to match the basin.


Do I need a cover?


Yes, OSHA, NPDES, EPA and SWPPP Best Management Practices state that a self-shedding rain cover must be used to cover basins until they are removed.

Is this OSHA-compliant for secondary containment?


Yes, according to the OSHA there are two types of containment: spill containment and secondary containment. Spill containment is the act of stopping a spill that has already occurred. Secondary containment is the act of preventing a spill from happening. Pop Up Containment is OSHA-compliant for spill and secondary containment.